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1964 | 1967

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my love life is kinda like why’d you only call me when youre high except replace the word high with horny and bored

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Pattie and George in Barbados on their honeymoon in 1966. Photograph by Harry Benson.

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"I felt we would always love each other for the rest of our lives. I didn’t see anything final in us splitting up”

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i dont like tumblr because all it is on here is photos of beautiful girls and long thin tan legs and clear skin and soft hair and i crumble and crumble because there is no place for girls with acne who are 5’5 with uneven eyebrows and a crooked nose.

and the more the photos of impossible girls circulate, the more people see them, and the more they become ideal, normal, expected.

girls in photos don’t have nightmares. they don’t have panic attacks. they don’t have bags under their eyes or pigeon-toed legs. they don’t have opinions, beliefs, values. They don’t get overly passionate or outspoken. girls in photos exist to please, whether it be aesthetically or sexually or whatever the hell you’re doing with em.

And the more it becomes ideal, normal, expected.

I am just a girl. I don’t wish to compete with a photo gallery

i have to be beautiful for too many people and im so unhappy.

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